A note from J. Scott Yaruss, PhD
Director, Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania



After 19 years at the University of Pittsburgh and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, I have moved to a new position at Michigan State University.


Over the next few months, the Stuttering Center website will be transitioning to a new site at Michigan State. The web address (http://www.StutteringCenter.org) will remain the same, and updated content will soon be available.


The highly skilled speech-language pathologists at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh will continue to provide outstanding clinical service to children who stutter and their families in the Pittsburgh area. You can find information about CHP at http://www.chp.edu/our-services/audiology. You can schedule an appointment by calling 412-692-5580. New content from the Stuttering Center site will also soon be available through Children’s Hospital.


In the meanwhile, you can reach me at my new email address at jsy@msu.edu or by phone at 517-884-2406.


You can also find useful information about stuttering therapy from Stuttering Therapy Resources at http://www.StutteringTherapyResources.com.


Watch this space for updates and more information soon!



J Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA

Professor, Michigan State University

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Books and resources about stuttering therapy: www.StutteringTherapyResources.com